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Thrifty Moreys

By J. Denielle Morey


Many spend multiple hours a day shopping, playing, and taking fun surveys online. Why not get paid for it?  I came across Swagbucks while reading a blog last year and decided to add the extension to my web browser.  When I shop, a pull-down screen pops up and says, “Activate Shop and Earn”.  I click the button and make my purchase.  By doing so, I made money with ebay, home-away,, tax return, and other purchases.  I received a $150 credit with products I planned to buy anyway.  You can take surveys, search sites, watch videos, buy products and earn cash for it.  You can get a Swagbucks account as young as 13 and make a little extra cash.


Traveling and want the comforts of home?  A full living room, kitchen, and bedrooms.  At the same cost as a hotel, you can stay in a full house!  Click here for a $35 credit off your first stay with AirBnb!  For more details about how Airbnb works, check out Vanessa’s post here.

Interested in staying for free while vacationing, traveling, writing a book, or a fun getaway?  We have stayed several months free by helping people keep their house safe and occupied! It’s called house sitting.  And it’s easy to do. Help serve others by loving and caring for their pets, plants, and home while they travel.  Only do this if you truly love animals and are willing to keep their home better than you found it!  You can’t pick a specific location or time but if you are flexible and want to see more of this world, then this is the right fit for you!  Need a housesitter?  Check our profile and contact us for availability.

As we travel for every 10 hotel stays you have with, they give one free night.  Read more about one of our free nights;)


Marriott is a wonderful hotel with always enough room for our family, wonderful staff, and breakfast.

H20 Wireless

H20 is a service I have been using for three years now.  I have been happy with the service.  They have monthly cell phone plans for as low as $27 month (auto charge) unlimited text, unlimited phone & 1Gb data.  For new customers, you can port your old number and have family plans with $10 off per line per month — up to four lines total.  A special feature I find fascinating is the plan is flexible with what phone you want to use.  If it is an unlocked sim phone, it should work.  I have saved thousands of dollars with H2O Wireless.  Click here for a free sim card, free shipping and $10 credit off your first month with auto charge!  This is a subsidary of AT&T so I get the same coverage.


Skip the Redbox and stream newly released DVD’s online for one dollar!You can even filter out bad content in the movie you don’t want to watch or listen to as a family.    


Morey’s Passion Income

By J. Denielle Morey

Live your Legend

Are you completely happy with your work?  Want to do something else but not sure where to start?  I recommend checking Live Your Legend to find and do work you love!  (no affiliate just really like their message)


Company with a dedicated community to help you succeed with your new passion.  Great video course with a free two-week trial membership.  They have a great network of fizzlers all across to meet up, collaborate and inspire to find work you love and how to be successful doing it.   (no affiliate just really like their message)

Blue Host

Want to start a blog?  If you’re looking to start a WordPress blog for cheap, then Bluehost for your hosting needs may be your answer. Bluehost is one of the top web hosting companies in 2016 and you can start your own blog with them for just about $3 a month!  Bluehost is very responsive and great customer support for people who have not idea what they are doing 😉  This is the best way to go!  Please use link to purchase!

WordPress to daunting for you?  Need a static site and quick to put up?  Consider!  It is a drag and drop and very easy to create.  Can create a stunning website in an hour.  Kyle built his professional speaking site using and absolutely loves it.  He uses for this blog.


Amazon Prime

Our favorite prime benefit is amazon photo cloud.  It offers free unlimited photo storage.  This is very important to any parent, blogger, etc.  Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial, save 20% on diapers subscriptions, Exclusive Coupons, and Deals from Amazon Family, Exclusive Baby Registry benefits, FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of items, Unlimited instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows, Unlimited, ad-free streaming of over a million songs and more Prime benefits. Amazon allows us to save all our photos as part of prime membership.  I never have to worry about losing photos that we take with our phones.  Prime includes free two-day shipping on any purchases, prime music, videos, much more.


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