Au revoir, President Monson. A dream and a prayer.

A year ago I had a strong impression that president Thomas S. Monson—a modern-day prophet and witness of Jesus Christ—would soon pass away. As of January 2 (2018), that vision has, unfortunately, been realized. My heart is filled with love for him. He has graduated mortality. But he leaves behind a world of undergraduates desperate for his guiding direction.

I pray the following,

“Father in Heaven, please bless this world to go on without him. Bless us to carry on with his vision: the work of salvation for all!”

May it be so. And may I continue to do my part.

Then, earlier this month, I had a dream that I had asked a question on my Facebook feed that went something like this:

Do you believe in continued revelation? And if so, do you believe there is a prophet on the earth today?

A returned missionary commented back saying, “I believe in continued revelation but not by the current prophet [implying President Monson]. He is fallen.”

I awoke from my dream with two impressions: a thoughtful thankfulness for my testimony in the prophet, Thomas S. Monson. And, the knowledge that the Lord knew what He was doing when He called Thomas S. Monson to be His spokesperson on the earth.

With the passing of President Monson, God will call someone anew. And we, the Moreys, will faithfully (albeit imperfectly) and prayerfully follow the Lord’s anointed!

Dear Brother Monson, we only met once in this life (I was a teenager then), but have tried my best to always follow your Christ-example of love and service. I look forward to giving you a big hug in heaven!

God be with you ’til we all meet again.

~ The Moreys

Learn more about the life and ministry (and childhood) of President Thomas S. Monson.


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