DAY 6: What a dream starring Benjamin Hardy has to do with millionaires and fishing

January 6

I had a dream

The PerfectDreamer mattress kept its namesake’s promise, at least the latter half. I had a dream my first night on the plush but firm pillow-topped fluff. But I wouldn’t call it perfect, the dream that is.

In my dream, I was talking with my good friend and better-than-Steven-Covey author, blogger, husband and father, Benjamin Hardy. Among other things, he asked if I would like to have a front-row seat to his exciting writing career by serving as his personal assistant. My eyes bulged; my jaw dropped. This was an opportunity of a lifetime–to follow in the footsteps of a deeply disciplined, inspirational, world-changing author. My dream come true!

Then, bowing my head I said to Ben, “I can’t. I’m busy flipping furniture.”

Impressed interpretation

I awake and smile, drinking in the meaning of the dream. Why smile? Because of the half-truth of the dream. While it is my dream to write and publish books, it is not my dream to write in the genre and world of brother Hardy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love, love, love Ben’s work! His HuffPost article–8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8 is, in the words of the tricycle boy from The Incredibles, “Something amazing!” Thanks to his article, I daily read uplifting content and submit myself to the act of a cold shower. Brrr.

I smile because I write children’s books. And I write books inspired by spiritual experiments and experiences.

Then why busy myself with flipping furniture when I could continue to write and publish my books?

Two reasons: need and want

Some seventeen months ago, I set out on a fun but risky crusade of writing books and blogs in hopes to secure a provident-living, location-independent, smart-passive income. Despite being on Amazon’s #1 Bestselling list four times in a row, and winning the Readers’ Favorite and Purple Dragonfly awards, sales from my two published books barely covered one month’s rent in today’s Morey’s Manor.

I will admit, I was depressed. Beaten. Broken (and broke).

But I wasn’t down enough to be done.

I NEEDED cash flow and I WANTED to feel needed again. The sometimes side effects of bootstrapping it in the book business.

A millionaire in the making

Enter Larry Kozin and the Kozy Furniture business opportunity.

Larry is many things: a family man, a spiritual man of Jewish descent, a millionaire with a vision, and a man who saw something in me, something he later admitted he needed in a prodigy: a willingness to take risks and a passion for doing what’s right.

“I needed you to help me launch something new and something big in the furniture industry,” Larry says in another call. “When success and money are consistent, you can fall into the trap of complacency. I don’t want that. We will build upon an already firm foundation and go higher than ever before. You invested in me. Now, I will invest in you. I want to make you a millionaire!”

I can’t argue with that.

What it could mean to be a millionaire

“Okay. But how do I start by selling the mattresses here at Morey’s Manor?” I ask, not knowing how else to respond.

Larry the millionaire, Larry the founder of a two and a half million dollar company, Larry the bestselling co-author of Cracking the Code to Success–Larry the friend–punches out a few keys on his keyboard and creates a Craiglist ad featuring one of our mattresses for sale. “This is how it’s done,” he emails with an emoji wink and link to the ad.

Ninety seconds later, I get a call. “Hi, I saw your mattress for sale on Craigslist. Can I come by tomorrow to see it?”

Wow! I need to call the Westovers and get them (and others) to start posting ads. We could sell millions of these!

“Selling mattresses and furniture is just the first step,” Larry says with a sweet chuckle in a follow up phone call. “To really find financial freedom in the furniture business, you will need to do what I do: teach others how to teach others how to fish. You need a team–a network–of fishermen and women teaching others how to do what you do, what they do. When they catch the big one, you and members of the team catch it with them!”

“Sounds true. Sounds like something Jesus would say,” I say.

“Of course its true,” Larry agrees. “Jesus was a Jew!”

Concluding thoughts

If this is what it means to be a millionaire, helping others and teaching others, then count me in on this millionaire thing.

Sure, it is still my dream to write and publish bestsellers that one day sell enough copies to make a good living. Just the fact that Ben Hardy took time out of his day to appear in my dream means a lot. I’ll keep writing and see where that takes me.

Jesus wasn’t a millionaire. But Job was. He turned out okay (eventually).

I am learning that business, first and foremost, should be about learning a trade and using that trade to serve others. But a close second is: business can be fun. And that’s what I am doing, having fun learning to fish and teach others to fish in the furniture business.

Maybe I’ll write a book about it. I’ll call it: Gone Fishin’: The First and Last Book to Compare Fishing to Furniture. Perhaps Ben would co-author it? Probably not. Not really his genre.

See you tomorrow!


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