DAY 5: The noblest art is that of making others happy

Quote by P.T. Barnum

January 5

It’s Friday. Our mattress should arrive momentarily. We are troubleshooting house-issues here and things-needing-repaired there. The house, albeit affluent, has sat empty for several months. Things like the water softener, Electrolux refrigerator, jacuzzi, and gas fireplace needed some professional attention. Many are coming today to take a look. How thankful we are for the skills of others!

Relieving the burden of beggary

I write an email about our new adventure in furniture to my good friend and publishing partner, Jason Westover. Jason has created a career out of helping others find financial freedom. Having struggled financially in years past, Jason can’t stand seeing others suffer as he has. Thus, it is his mission–his raison d’etre–to relieve in others the burden of poverty.

“Jason, I need your help,” I write in an email. “I’ve invested in a new-economy furniture business and I think this would be a good fit with your mission and provide additional income back to you and Amber. Mind reviewing this video?”

Jason writes back, “I liked the thought of the business model. I avoid most furniture stuff because I largely just see furniture stores going out of business a lot. I do see some models as better than others though.”

Sounds familiar, right? That’s what I first said.

Over the course of contacting one another via email and phone, Jason decides he wants in. I give him access to the videos in the back office. He clicks on Why Become a FurnitureBROKER, uses his email to set up a password, and studies the content. An hour or so later, he writes back, “This is bigger than I thought!”

The bigger IDEAL picture

Jason quickly (more quickly than I did) sees the bigger picture. He realizes that he can secure a healthy side income not just by brokering furniture through our Kozy Home Showcase Division, but by placing people in the mattress and furniture business. It’s called Ideal Furniture. And it is an ideal opportunity for Jason and his wife, Amber.

“Amber wants to broker furniture through you guys by coordinating ads on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace while I go after the bigger fish and put people into the Ideal Furniture business,” Jason says.

He’s excited. He should be. For every entrepreneur who engages in the Ideal Furniture model, Jason makes 10%. That can mean up to $2,500 for every successful lead who loves it.

How does Jason do this? Simple. He places and coordinates ads in BizBuySell, Craigslist, and Facebook advertising the need for furniture distribution owners. Jason then sends the leads to John Bellave, CEO of Ideal Furniture and leader of the licensing department, who will work the lead through to its conclusion: a license agreement or not. A license agreement occurs when someone purchases the rights to distribute Ideal Furniture in a given territory. She becomes an owner of an Ideal Furniture Distribution Center (a warehouse or small showroom).

More ads, more leads, more money

“For every 40 leads,” John preaches in a training call with him, me, Jason, and Amber, “one will become a licensed Ideal Furniture Distribution Center.”

So, Jason’s job is to place ads (using free engines like Craigslist and BizBuySell) all over the country and send the qualified leads over to John and his team. When someone replies to an ad, Jason coordinates a call from John.

John begins the process of informing the potential Ideal Distribution Center owner on the business model through a series of emails, videos, webinars and personal phone calls. When the lead becomes a leader and owner of her own Ideal Furniture business, Jason earns a referral fee of up to $2,500 (depending on the final agreed-upon license fee).

And all Jason did was to place ads for free around the country.

Not a bad gig

“Actually, a quite fulfilling one,” Jason advocates. “Considering you are offering an individual an ideal opportunity to make a good living.”

He is right. They do make a good living–some producing over a $100,000 in furniture sales a month. And, the investment is low enough to make it back quick. The majority of Ideal Furniture Owners make their license fee plus inventory investment back in the first four months of the business. Unheard of in the industry! The key is to follow the company’s Plan for High Potential Profits. More on that on another DAY.

Working as a team

Meanwhile, Jason’s wife, Amber, will place ads on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace promoting our must sell this week home showcase furniture and mattresses. She can also do this for any of the two hundred Ideal Furniture Distribution Centers all over the country!

We–and any of the Ideal Furniture Distribution Centers–will pay 10% on all furniture sold from our catalog. She helps us to sell a sectional for $1,500, we update her PayPal account with $150 that same day. She places an ad for a Kozy massage chair listed at $1,200, she makes $120 the day it sells!

“The more the ads, the more the leads,” Larry Kozin, my millionaire mentor messages me after I tell him about the Westover’s plan. “The more the leads, the more the Moreys and the Westovers win big!”

Not Just Jason

“Got to go, Jason,” I say over the phone. “Our mattresses just arrived!”

I meet the delivery specialist in the driveway. His truck contains tonight’s good-night sleep. He’s taken back by my enthusiasm and excitement at receiving his cargo.

He unloads eleven sets of PerfectDreamer mattresses. Two Elite Pillowtop 30 Kings, two Pillowtop 24 Queens, Two Pillowtop Fulls, and five Pillowtop 24 twins. We place the extras in one of the four garages. We salivate over ours.

“This is a nice house,” the delivery specialist says. His name is Shelby.

“It is. It is Tucson’s first Kozy Furniture Home Showcase,” I say, puffing out my chest a bit. “We will broker furniture right from the home as we stage it for a future sale.”

“Wow, man, how did you get into that?” Shelby asks.

Dreaming of helping others with their dreams

I share with him our story, from house sitting to showcasing furniture. With a few questions, I learn that Shelby wants to return home to Kansas and buy and work a farm. I want to help him do that. “Shelby, I need help brokering furniture through our show home. We pay 10%. Interested?”

“I am. What do I do?” Shelby nods.

“I send you the product, description, and pictures. You take the content and place and coordinate ads for us. That will get you started making money daily,” I respond. He gives me his email, climbs into his truck, and is on his way.

How wonderful it will be when Shelby is able to save enough money to make his dream of farming a reality. I want to help him get there. Mattresses just may be the means of helping both of us with our dreams!

But …

Yes, rent is free. The home is spectacular. But we are quickly running out of discretionary funds (food, insurance, fuel, clothing, appliances, birthdays, housewares, hair gel for me, etc.).  What can we do right now to get some cash flow going? How fast can I get Jason and Amber up and running? What do I do next to help Shelby get started? Why do I need hair gel anyway?

Oh, wait. Just do what I am blogging about. We have mattresses now to sell. Time to advertise them on Craigslist. And Larry has another idea. Will it all work? Check back on DAY 6!


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