DAY 4: Free rent and high potential profits

January 4

Today is the day our PerfectDreamer mattresses arrive! You can’t know how excited we all are. And if that ain’t enough to make you flip your lid (Beach Boys), the pool guy comes today to repair the jacuzzi. A heated heaven. Luxury at last!

The Call

I have questions today about moving forward. I call Larry.

“It’s not just about how much furniture you flip, it’s about inviting others to do what you do,” Larry reveals in today’s call. That’s what he calls them. Larry loves the idea of putting soon-to-be (wanna-be) millionaires into million-dollar showcase homes and teaching them how to show, sell, flip and REPEAT. That is, after all, what Larry is doing with us. It is a spiritual thing for him.

“I like it,” I say as I simultaneously mouth my apology to the pool guy who’s here to service the pristine pool and jet-crazy jacuzzi. He takes in the large, luxurious living room tattered with camping chairs and a lone daybed then looks at me, forehead squinted. He doesn’t see what I see: a room filled with financial freedom–in future furniture. I shrug my shoulders as I let him in and lead him to the back patio door. We are excited to get the jacuzzi up and running for our enjoyment. Mostly the kids. Just a bit too cold this time of year for swimming in the pool.

“Okay, so we aren’t just looking to sell individual pieces of furniture,” I repeat to Larry on the phone. “We are looking for those who want free rent and high potential profits. We match them with desperate landlords and sellers. Got it!”

I pause, then ask, “Do you have an easy step-by-step plan I can follow in setting up Tucson’s first ever Kozy Showcase Home?”

He does. Of course.

Here is Larry’s tried and true quickstart guide to brokering furniture from a showcase home in all its step-by-step glory

Step 1: Stage your home with high-end, high-quality wholesale (faster, upfront investment) or on consignment (takes time, no upfront purchases) Kozy furniture.

In our case, we looked for an affluent home that was both for sale/rent and had been on the market for some time. We worked out a rental agreement with an option to buy at a guaranteed price of $645,000. We will stage the home with Kozy furniture and then sell it for $785,000 either as a furnished home or as a home-based business. Until it sells, we will bring in crazy cashflow brokering furniture right from the home and our online catalog.

Step 2: Recruit and train three to five dependable people who want to make daily pay from home.

Larry calls these fine folk furnitureBrokers. Invite your fellow furnitureBrokers to train online (it’s all done for us!) on how to place and coordinate ads on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. Brokers will do all the heavy lifting of advertising your furnishings for you. You pay them 10% (PayPal preferred) as soon as you make the sale.

Want to see how this is done? Click on Why become a furnitureBroker (will ask for your email) and you’ll gain the backstage pass to the backend office, training, videos, text for ads, and more. It’s that simple. And it is free to sign up.

Step 3: Find others who want to live rent-free and make money doing it. pays top dollar for leads. And your leads’ leads. Then their leads. And so on. For those who love to build teams, you will love the pay plan associated with inviting others to do what you are doing. This is how thrives, expands, and brings high-quality furniture for less to the deserving masses. How?

“No retail, no marketing, no employees, and very little overhead,” Larry says over the phone. He’s right. His two and a half-million-dollar company is run by three full-time employees and a network of partners like me. “The majority of the company’s income comes from putting entrepreneurs in the mattress and furniture business for a license fee,” he says. “Then a percentage of furniture purchased through our wholesale partners comes back in the form of a kickback. Not a franchise. Rather, a brokering/marketing firm.”

Ingenious, if you ask me. 

Gold in the gutter

Just then, the pool guy knocks on our back door. “Larry, I’ll call you back later,” I say. Even millionaires come second to kids in need of wet entertainment.

“Bad news,” says the pool technician. “The wiring needs replacing on your jacuzzi. And it will take me a week to get it.”

That is bad news.

Moments later, my phone vibrates. I look down at the glowing screen. It’s Larry. “The delivery company messed up the order. Your mattresses won’t arrive until Friday.”

I text back, “Do millionaires have days like this?”

My phone vibrates in response, “Yes. But we always see the gold in the gutter.”

In other words, look for the treat in the trial. The silver lining in the cloud. The opportunity in the … you get the point.

Perhaps another day sleeping on air will help me better appreciate the brand new, high-end pillowtop PerfectDreamer mattress about to magically appear at my doorstep. One more night. I can do it.

Sullen thoughts lead to sudden idea

Suddenly, I realize I have the perfect person in mind to help broker furniture for me. My partner in publishing. My friend in the Faith. A man who lives to see the lives of others improved. Jason Westover.

I’ll call him tomorrow and invite him to join me on my journey to find financial freedom in furniture.

Check back tomorrow. We’ll see what he says.


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