DAY 3: Time to jump!

January 3

Perhaps from the cold air trapped inside our blow-up mattresses, we all caught colds. But I did, finally, fall asleep. At least for four hours. Not bad!

The Passing of a Prophet

Then, learning that the president of our church had passed, we spend some time on our camping chairs–in a million-dollar living room–sharing stories and memories of our beloved prophet. We huddle near a laptop and watch a brief video montage of his life.  “Farewell friend and mentor,” we whisper reverently as a family, “until we meet again.”


We perk up when we hear the sounds of a rather large package being positioned in front of our garage. Is it a couch? A bed? Maybe the elegant dining room set we hope to show, benefit from, then flip? No, not yet.

“A trampoline!” shout the kids, as they spy the label on the box. My answer to entertaining them while we live unfurnished and unplugged this week has arrived.

Despite our head colds, we rip open the box and idly spend the afternoon assembling the jumping contraption then actually jumping on it. We laugh at the warning labels, “Warning: only one person should jump at a time. Warning: Somersaults, cartwheels, and flips should be avoided. Warning: disassemble the unit if there is wind. Warning: do not jump, it could cause injury.”

The warnings go unheeded. We jump anyway.

Another problem solved

In between jumping sessions, I contact a few folks in Phoenix, hoping to pay someone to deliver our much-desired PerfectDreamer mattresses tomorrow. As a backup plan, I planned to take a Greyhound to Glendale, get an Uber to Budget Rentals, rent a 14-foot truck, then head to the warehouse and pick up my mattresses. I was desperate for the perfect dreams this mattress brand promised. And for the promise of income as we flip the additional ones. There’s good money in mattresses!

While taking another break from jumping, I checked my texts. “Good news,” says Larry. “I found a delivery partner in Phoenix. They will pick up the mattresses and deliver them directly to your house.”

Yes, Larry, that is good and well-timed news!

Some answers. More questions.

My sick day was turning out okay. I slept fine, albeit cold and not for long. The kids were entertained. The mattresses were on there way without my aid. But more questions remain:

What monetary goal makes sense for my first month in the furniture business… and what was our full potential?

Who could I call and recruit to help me sell furniture?

What could I blog about that would attract others to our business model?

Is my best friend reading this blog?

Another text comes in from Larry: “Can you vlog your daily finding financial freedom in furniture adventure? I have a guy ready to take your videos viral. This is gold!”

I sniff some nose spray and pop a few thousand milligrams of vitamin C. I think I will wait until tomorrow to respond to his text. Time to jump!

See you on DAY 4!


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