Meet the Moreys

Happy day! We are thrilled you could join us.

The Moreys (Kyle, Denielle, Kaelyn, Casey, Neil, Clifford and lil’ Lydia) are currently on a worldschooling, house-sitting, book-touring, community-serving three-year mission.

“Wait, what?” asks Kaelyn (she’s The Teen and selfie-expert), “I thought this was about playing on beaches and going to Mexico to get cheap braces!”  We’ll get to that in another post.  Back to the mission.

The incredibly talented and attractive redhead in the picture is Denielle, my celestial companion.  Not long ago, she said the most empowering and earth-shattering words known to mortals: “Let’s do this!”

And so we are.

I, Kyle (the husband, dad, writer, and speaker), wrote a book.  In 30 days, thank you!  I quit my career in chamber work, sold our home, adopted lil’ Lydia (the littlest one in the pic), took the Teen out of public schools, bought a minivan, and signed up for (view our profile).  Crazy?  Maybe.  The minivan was a bit over the top.  But wait!  We have a plan.

meet the moreys usa

Kaelyn (selfie expert), Neil, Clifford, Lydia, Casey, Kyle, and Denielle

How we do what we do

We pray.  We ask God where we should be; then, we work hard to get there.   This is a mustard-seed, mountain-moving, walk-on-water prayer.  Yet, God answers prayers.

We serve.  While dwelling briefly in someone else’s home, we get to know great people by connecting through community service.

“Tell them about JustServe, Dad,” interrupts Neil (our eldest son and sweetly sensitive one), “How we look up opportunities to serve in the communities where ever we go by typing in our zip code and then how we help out by serving in our church, and … “

He beat me to it.  He often does.

We work.  Yes, just like you, we need money to survive.  To earn an income, we put our passions in place to serve others.  I like to bump people into a better life through my writing and speaking (books, blogs, motivational speeches, podcasts, videos and more).  Denielle leads out in schooling our family and managing our finances while Pinteresting articles on food, clothing and Carol Tuttle’s energy types.  Kaelyn works at Chic fil A.  Casey pet sits.

“And I play!” says Clifford, our youngest and smiliest boy.

Lil’ Lydia likes pink horses.  At least, that’s what she says she dreams about every night.

Serving, working, praying, playing, speaking, blogging, writing books, worldschooling and, well, house-sitting. That’s what we do, or better yet . . . That’s a Morey!

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