Congratulations to Y13 students who took part in the British Physics Olympiad - an incredibly challenging national competition for top young physicists. Particular mention to gold winning Lili who placed in the top 15% of the 4,500名学生完成了论文.


祝贺Y9无挡板篮球队赢得联赛冠军 & representing Waldegrave in the final play off match against Christ's. 虽然他们输了,但每个人都表现得很好. Well played to Lola who was nominated player of the match and to all the team


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它的显示星期! 博狗体育手机app等不及首映之夜了 《博狗体育官网》 & 衣橱和博狗体育手机app的青年剧院. 看起来 & 和乐队在一起听起来很棒


Thank you to Asha and Ruth from Daniel Spargo-Mabbs Foundation for the informative drugs webinar last night. 很多有用的建议给父母和照顾者. Looking forward to having them perform their play and workshops for Y10s next week




Teacher of Art (Maternity Cover), 博狗体育官网, Richmond upon Thames



The Youth Wellbeing Directory has grown to 1,500+ free to access services offering 全英国的支持. 您将找到每个服务的描述 & the types of support they offer so you can choose the support that's most right for you👉



如果你知道一个年轻人正在寻找 本周困难, remind them Childline is here to talk about anything that is worrying or upsetting them. RT this message so we can let more young people know they're not alone.



你家有年轻人一直在使用TikTok吗? Instagram是什么? Snapchat? Keep them safer this holiday season by checking out our Safety Card in gift 6 from our 资源! 更多信息请访问🎁


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如果你想在学校假期找点事做, 别忘了看看博狗体育手机app的节目指南. Most events have an outdoor focus for that extra peace of mind during this tricky time. 享受! 🎄🎅☃️


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Places still available for our FUEL holiday activities programme next Monday to Thursday in Kingston & 里士满-为那些获得与福利相关的免费学校餐的孩子们.


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Young people in Kingston and Richmond can get free emotional and mental health support over the holidays through Kooth.



这条推特可能是某人的生命线. 虽然博狗体育手机app很多人都把圣诞节看作是庆祝的日子, 对一些人来说,这是一年中非常艰难的时刻. 当许多支持系统关闭时,有些人会感到孤独. 博狗体育手机app想让他们知道他们并不孤单. 💚 请RT.



你家有年轻人一直在使用TikTok吗? Instagram是什么? Snapchat? Keep them safer this holiday season by checking out our Safety Card in gift 6 from our 资源! 更多信息请访问🎁


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📢我签署 该请愿书旨在结束公共场合的性骚扰. 请支持他们出色的工作. 妇女、女童 & 被边缘化的性别有权利在公共空间保持安全 & 博狗体育手机app需要立法 & 社会改变来确保这一点. 下面的标志



非常感谢你的推荐(我没有看到!) . I've written a set of short e-books to support this which will be out digitally with in Jan '22, one for 老师, one looking at risks specific to neurodiversity, for parents & 老师


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Services that can help get you through the festive period if you need support.



两个 12月17日,周五,为大家准备工作坊. 上午10-11点,博狗体育手机app的最后一次冬季健康工具箱研讨会. 然后在2处.30-4.30pm learn how to make your own Christmas decorations in our fun Christmas Crafting event. 注册:


We are so proud of our students’ effort and would like to thank Mrs Williams for working with them on it.


When you are thinking about which A Level subjects to choose there are a range of factors you may wish to consider: Which subjects do you enjoy? 你最擅长哪门课程? 你在大学想学什么? 你想要什么样的职业?  You may even have thought about questions like:  Which university would you like to study at? 你想申请哪门课程?

If you know what you want to do, for example a career in medicine, it is easier.  研究一下提供这一课程的大学, look at the entrance requirements for the courses that interest you and make your choice accordingly.  然而,大多数15、16岁的青少年对此并不确定...你觉得有必要给自己留有余地. That is why we at Waldegrave will be encouraging you to consider taking at least two facilitating subjects like maths, 英国文学, 物理, 生物学, 化学, 地理位置, 历史和语言. 


The prestigious Russell Group of universities published a guide called "Informed Choices" which explains in detail which A Levels they are looking for. 请查看指南 点击这里.  Universities in the Russell Group are often referred to as competitive universities or top universities.  If you know you want to apply for a competitive university course you should check to make sure that the subject combination you have chosen would be acceptable. 更多罗素集团信息


It is important to recognise that there are many excellent universities with wonderful reputations and highly respected and sometimes specialist courses (i.e. Bournemouth is considered the best for Digital Media) that you might want to explore.  These universities often have direct links with the employment sector and have courses that are feeding into the industries and employment streams of the future.  In these cases universities are looking for a passion and enthusiasm for the subject and an indication that you can cope with academic study at undergraduate level.  These courses are more likely to be interested in your overall UCAS point score (which is the way you add up your total ‘points’ for both AS and A2 rather than the grades).


记住,学科的广度是很重要的, and therefore subjects with a significant curriculum overlap might be avoided (i.e. 经济学和商学或社会学和心理学). 但是也有学科和职业, 也许艺术, 像艺术这样密切相关的学科, 摄影, 媒体和时尚, 或戏剧, 音乐, dance and 英国文学 might be seen as really attractive for specific careers or degree choices. 所以你需要清楚你想要什么! You need to be sure there is coherence in the subjects you have chosen.  混合媒体, maths and 化学 might be perfect if you would like to develop a career in science journalism?

For anyone who's still unsure about their future career I would always advise a mixture of A Levels. A passion for a non-degree related subject is highly valued by admission tutors. 这表明你是一个全面发展的候选人.


  • Choose subjects which interest you and can hold your attention for at least two years... 可能是一辈子!
  • 研究你的下一步和职业选择. 你的主题衔接得好吗?
  • 仔细研究你的大学选择和入学要求.
  • 想想成为一所“顶尖”大学对你来说意味着什么.
  • Try to be broad and balanced in your choices and keep your options open.
  • 如果你不确定, call the admissions office of the universities you might consider and ask for feedback on your A Levels choices and their grade entry requirements.
  • Remember getting a higher grade in a subject you love may open more doors in the future than a lower grade in a subject you tried your best in but just couldn’t sustain for two years. 仔细选择你能达到的A Levels!