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祝贺Y13的学生们参加了英国物理奥林匹克竞赛,这是一个非常具有挑战性的全国顶尖年轻物理学家的竞赛. Particular mention to gold winning Lili who placed in the top 15% of the 4,500 students who completed the paper.


Congratulations to the Y9 netball team for winning their league & representing Waldegrave in the final play off match against Christ's. Although they lost everyone played with a great attitude. Well played to Lola who was nominated player of the match and to all the team


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It’s show week! We can’t wait for opening night of The a lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe with our youth theatre. It’s looking & sounding awesome with the band


感谢来自Daniel Spargo-Mabbs基金会的Asha和Ruth为昨晚的毒品网络研讨会提供了丰富的信息. Lots of useful tips for parents and carers. Looking forward to having them perform their play and workshops for Y10s next week


Academic Officer, Waldegrave School, Richmond upon Thames


Teacher of Art (Maternity Cover), Waldegrave School, Richmond upon Thames


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The Youth Wellbeing Directory has grown to 1,500+ free to access services offering support across the UK. You'll find a description of each service & 他们提供的支持类型,所以你可以选择最适合你的支持👉


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If you know a young person is finding going difficult this week, 提醒他们儿童热线是来谈论任何让他们担忧或烦恼的事情的. RT this message so we can let more young people know they're not alone.


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Is there a young person in your house who uses TikTok all the time? What about Instagram? Snapchat? 在这个假期里,通过查看博狗体育手机app的安全卡礼物,让他们更安全 resources! Find more here 🎁


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If you're looking for things to do during the school holidays, don't forget to check out our guide to what's on. 大多数活动都有一个户外焦点,让你在这个棘手的时刻可以获得额外的平静. Enjoy! 🎄🎅☃️


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Festive Fun planned?- get some support to be safe:


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下周一至周四在金斯敦的FUEL假日活动仍有名额 & Richmond - for children who get benefits-related free school meals.


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This tweet could be a lifeline for someone. While many of us see Christmas as a time of celebration, for some it's sadly a difficult time of year. When many support systems are closed, some people can feel alone. We want them to know they're not alone. 💚 Please RT.


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Is there a young person in your house who uses TikTok all the time? What about Instagram? Snapchat? 在这个假期里,通过查看博狗体育手机app的安全卡礼物,让他们更安全 resources! Find more here 🎁


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📢 I've signed 's petition to end public sexual harassment. Please support their excellent work. Women, girls & marginalised genders have a right to be safe in public space & we need legislative & societal changes to ensure this. Sign below


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Thanks so much for this fab recommendation (which I missed seeing!) . 我已经写了一套简短的电子书来支持这一点,这将是数字化的 在1月22日,一个针对教师,一个针对神经多样性的特定风险,一个针对家长 & teachers


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Services that can help get you through the festive period if you need support.


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Two workshops for you on Friday, 17 December. At 10-11am our last Winter Wellbeing Toolkit workshop. And then at 2.30-4.在博狗体育手机app有趣的圣诞手工制作活动中学习如何制作自己的圣诞装饰品. Sign up here:



What Do We Do?

After School Activities

请参阅下面的每周课前和课后的活动时间表. 今年还会有一些其他的举措,由各部门牵头,通过课程宣传, google classroom and assemblies.

We are aware that after 18 months of interruption and social distancing, teachers and students have missed the chance to take part in clubs and societies. Waldegrave has a strong offer, run by our own staff, and we hope your child will take part in at least one enrichment activity a week.

Enrichment Clubs and Activities

Educational Visits

Educational trips are widely used to enhance the curriculum and to extend experience. Previous trips have included the theatre, music events, Hampton Court, universities, competitions, English immersive days, technology trips, art galleries, photography expeditions, geography and biology field trips and a maths PGL as well as ski trips.

Student leadership KS3 and 4

  • 从11年级开始,博狗体育手机app就选举学生领袖,他们的职责之一是领导学校理事会,每个班级都有代表. This is a committed team of students from all year groups, who represent views of the student body at meetings. Staff seek students’ feedback on a wide range of issues, and students thereby shape school policy and procedures. 当选的学校顾问代表学校在里士满学校学生会贡献当地的决定.
  • 在10年级的4月左右,博狗体育手机app的学生申请下一年的级长职位. 大约75%的学生都有自己的角色,比如七年级的好友、音乐总监或食堂总监. 
  • Within form classes the students are elected to roles that include: council rep; eco rep; charity rep and sports captain.
  • 学院系统通过学院队长的角色提供了重要的领导机会.

Examples of Other Opportunities at KS3 and 4

  • Approximately 75% of students in Year 9, 10 and 11 complete their bronze Duke of Edinburgh award, and a significant number go on to complete their silver award. 
  • 所有11年级的学生都有机会获得瓦德博狗体育官网市长奖(通过志愿者的时间和完成一个挑战)
  • All students actively engage in charity work within their houses or the whole school. 每个家庭都有自己的慈善机构,博狗体育手机app也支持全国性的活动和国际活动. Fundraising takes place throughout the year involving fun activities. 除了筹集资金,学生们还对他们支持的慈善机构的活动感兴趣,并通过收获盒参与社区活动, and visits to some of our elderly neighbours.
  • Waldegrave enter teams for a wide variety of sports competitions and tournaments. Students participate through clubs. 博狗体育手机app最受欢迎的运动有橄榄球、橄榄球、无挡板篮球、圆球、田径和越野运动.  
  • 俱乐部和活动:每年的活动都不一样,因为活动很大程度上依赖于员工的志愿时间. 这些活动通常安排在放学后进行,时间安排在学校网站上公布. I
  • 学习音乐的学生可以选择在上学期间上博狗体育手机app的巡回老师的课(以付费方式)。
  • 有天赋的语言学家在9年级有机会在课后学习第二语言(西班牙语或德语)(在付费基础上)
  • 在这一年里,机会不断涌现,学生们可以提升自己,挑战自我. Examples are through the BBC News Report; the Rotary Young chef; and competitions in art; photography; debating; science and design as well as the great Waldegrave Bake-off.

The Enrichment Programme at KS5

During Year 12 (Wednesday afternoons) students are offered a choice each term to widen knowledge of the arts and cultural events; to be involved in sports or exercise for fun; to develop a special interest through a club or society; to engage in community project or fundraising activities. 许多活动是由博狗体育手机app自己的工作人员提供的,但有些活动利用了与教练和外部游客更广泛合作的好处. The programme includes a range of competitive sports, the boy’s rugby team are sponsored by a local Twickenham company, and at time of print are unbeaten this season! We have also launched a girls rugby team and Sixth Form netball team.

Examples are:

  • Competitive Sports
  • Debating
  • Gallery Visits
  • Martial Arts
  • Music Performances
  • Oxbridge focuses events and support
  • Public Speaking
  • Recreational Sports
  • School Leadership visits
  • Theatre visits
  • Visiting Speakers
  • Volunteering in the local community

The EPQ (Extended Project)

EPQ成绩相当于英国高等院校入学考试成绩的半分,每个学生都可以选择完成课程. 它不是在课堂上教授的,但学生有一个导师,一些小组教学是在学习期间进行的. The course runs autumn to Easter of Y13.

Leadership and Other Enrichment Opportunities

瓦德博狗体育官网六年级重视志愿服务,学生需要完成至少30小时的学习, thereby developing their sense of community, responsibility, leadership and moral purpose. We have developed local bonds with primary schools, residential homes, and charity shops, to name a few.

在六年级,学生会选出一个规模小但意义重大的学生团队,代表学生团体发展领导能力. 这些学生在12年级时被选举出来,在6年级时成为整个学校理事会的重要组成部分和学生的声音. 学校会邀请中六学生志愿代表学校参加全年的活动,例如中六公开晚会和十一年级资讯晚会.

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